Sunday, September 7, 2014

First NFL Sunday Bears vs Bills, "Super Bowl preview"!!!!

The Bears vs Bills Sunday 1 pm et. "WILL NOT" be a Super Bowl preview this year, as a matter of fact who ever loses this game could be looking at a long season.

The Bears come into this game with one of the best offenses especially at the skill positions.

 Jay Cutler has no excuses this year with Matt Forte at RB, Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery (future star) at WR and a offensive line coming into its own. The problem for the Bears this year and u might not of heard this in decades is there defense as Charles Barkley says is Terrrrrrrible.

The Bears signed DE Jerald Allen and with Lance Briggs back healthy at LB to go along with Charles Tillman at DB the Bears three best defensive players are in there 30's.

To say the least, the rest of the kids on Defense better step up (Just don't watch the Seattle preseason game, Yikesssss).

Prediction: 9-7  I hope, they have a tough road schedule.

Game Prediction: The Bears are at home and are 7.5 point favorites. If they put enough pressure on Bills second year QB E. J. Manuel who is still a bit shaky out there and double team rookie wideout and number one pick Sammy Watkins, The Bears should win on opening day in NFL.

Man that sure sounds good (Opening Day In The NFL).

Enjoy the games everyone


Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Broncos vs the Seahawks take Manning in Super Bowl XLVlll

 Super Bowl XLVlll  between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks will be decided because of two things. The temperature which will be in the mid 40's and Peyton Manning's passing.

1.  (The Weather) : The temperature at game time will be in the mid 40's which is huge for the Broncos. Peyton Manning playing in cold weather (under 32 degrees) has a losing record and a much lower passer rating. There will not be a wind factor either, which will be huge for Manning to unleash his full passing game on Richard Sherman and the Seattle.

2. (Manning's passing game) : Peyton  Manning's crossing routes and drag routes passing game will confuse The Seahawks tight, bump and run secondary. Running back Knowshon Moreno should play a big roll in this game between running the ball and catching screen passes out of the backfield.

Seattle's only chance in this game is to get to Peyton Manning with there pass rush, which would hurry Manning's passes and give the Seahawks secondary a chance to make a play.

My pick Broncos 42 Seattle 28.

line: Broncos +2 total points 48


Sunday, January 19, 2014


Four teams enter, two teams leave to play in Super Bowl XLV111 today with the Broncos vs the Patriots at 3:00 et then the Seahawks vs the 49ers at 6:30 et.

I'm going with the home teams today (Denver and Seattle) because at the end of the day whether they were on the road or at home they are the two best teams.

First game Broncos +5.5 over under 56. This game comes down to one thing, the Broncos have a way better receiving core then the Patriots (less Rob Gronkowski). Payton Manning shrugs off some playoff failures of the past and has a big day against a soft Patriots secondary in a shoot out. Take the over........

Second game Seahawks + 3.5 over under 40. The Seahawks win this game because of their defense. Their corners and safeties are the best in the league as a unit and will cause Colin Kaepernick to force some throws and get some pics. Both teams must keep these QB's in the pocket and not let them make plays with there feet, especially on third down. Take the over.........


Sunday, September 8, 2013


Da Bears start there quest to Super Bowl glory today at 1pm est against the Cincinnati Bengals. I'm predicting Da Bears will win easily today by 40 to 50 points with the third string quarterback playing most of the 4th qtr so as to not run up the score into the 80's.

With Jay (future Super Bowl MVP) Cutler throwing 60 plus td's to Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte running for a league record 2500 yards this year, the Bears defense will only be on the field for less then fifteen minutes a game this year, so not having Brian (future HOF) Urlacher won't be a problem.

People U can take this prediction to the bank. I have checked with Da Coach and he agrees with me completely, except he says Cutler will trow 100 Td's to Brandon Marshall (will see God willing).

So enjoy the season everybody but know Da Bears are the class of the NFL, so says Schabes and Da Coach.

Schabes                                     PS. Some of this Blog may include satire and some Bullshit...........

Sunday, March 10, 2013

C.J. F-ing Leslie NBA bound? What a joke......

After today's game, C.J. (F Bomb) Leslie is not only not ready for the NBA, but he's also barely good enough to play for State. If he goes pro after this year the only league he will be playing in next year starts with the 4th letter of the alphabet.

He is a whiny little child, that when he starts a game bad, you know its going to do nothing but go down hill from there.

Lets also give a big wolkpack thanks to Richard Howell for his awful play yesterday and getting in foul trouble. I especially liked the foul he commited 35 ft from the basket, chasing around Florida States point guard (can we say this team is a little undisciplined).

The combined stat line for Howell and Leslie yesterday was 5-11 shooting and a game changing 5-13 from the free throw line (they lost by 4).

So unless Maryland beats Virginia on the road, (Virginia is 8-0 at home in ACC play this year) NC State which was ranked 6th in the country to start the year, will be playing in the thursday play in games, to get to the quarter finals. Just a tidbit no team has ever won four games in four days in ACC tournament history.

I know there going to make the NCAA tournament no matter what happens in the ACC tournament, but I gotta tell you yesterday was one hell of a disappointing game, that they should of won......


Sunday, February 3, 2013


Super Bowl Sunday is here, with the 49ers vs the Ravens. This game has one of the closet point spreads (4) in a long time.
My take on the game comes down to, can the Ravens front seven stop Colin Kaepernick from running (not passing the footall) and keep him in the pocket. If he does get out of the pocket like he did against Green Bay, look out its gonna get ugly.

I beleive Baltimore's front seven will not let him out of the pocket with blitzes and the linebackers like (Ray Lewis) watching his every move.

My prediction:   Take the Ravens and the points and watch Flacco have a field day passing the football against the San Francisco defense..........


Monday, January 7, 2013


The fighting Irish of Notre Dame can win this game tonight against Alabama if they do one thing. "STOP THE RUN". The Crimson Tides offense will not pass the ball tonight untill Notre Dame shows they can handle Alabama's massive ofensive line, by putting 8 in the box and playing man to man on the outside.

The point spread dictates vegas doesn't think Notre Dame can stop the Tides running game, but I believe they can because of two things, Notre Dame's size at defensive tackle (around 320) and that "DUDE named Manti, lol.

For the Irish to win Tonight, Manti Te'o has to make plays in the runnig game and get to the quarterback in the passing game (at least 10 tackles or more, plus a sack or two).

Lets not forget the Irish offense, led by all everything, RG111 clone, Everett Golson. He's the perfect QB to play against Alabama, because of his ability to both run it and pass it and keep the Crimson Tide offense off the field.

My Take.....  Alabama plays close games against good teams with there grinding style, so look for this to be a tight one and hope the Irish can pull out a close one at the end. Bottom line, take Notre Dame and the 9.5 points and enjoy what should be one of the best championship games of all time.



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sonny Dykes to be next NC State football Coach?

   If Sonny Dykes becomes the next head coach at NC State, get ready for a lot offense and some fun and gun.

Dykes, the head coach at La tech, a member of the wac conference has either lead the nation in scoring (2012) or been near the top in the last two years he's been at Tech.

If you like offense and just enough defense, (they gave up 38 points a game this year) this guys "Air Raid Offense" meaning, play fast and throw it 40-50 times a game, should bring excitement and sold out games to Carter Finley Stadium.

This also will not let opposing defenses make changes personel wise because of the this up tempo style of attack.

Lets hope Debbie Yow can make this hire happen, and will all be saying Tom Obrien who!!!

Stay tuned.......